Releadgion FAQ

What is Releadgion?
Releadgion is a service for creating and managing your online ads. You can create multiple ads for quick A/B tests, split your audience and maximize performance. Releadgion is a service to boost your advertising beyond standard abilities of Facebook or Google.
What can i advertise here?
  • Mobile apps (Android and iOS)

  • Websites

  • Mobile websites

  • Landing pages
What types of traffic do you have?
Facebook, Instagram, Google AdWords and MyTarget (Russian and ex-USSR traffic) RTB networks are coming soon!
Can i have a free trial? What exactly is a free trial?
Yes, you can! It will be activated automatically upon your registration. Free trial is a 14 day period when we don't charge you our 10% commission.
What happens after the trial?
After the trial all your ads and campaigns will continues working as they were, but we will include 10% in your price click.
What GEO's do you work with?
We work with international traffic from almost every country in the world.
Who can use Releadgion?
Anyone who does online advertising:

  • Digital marketers

  • Advertising managers

  • CPA-managers

  • Affiliates

  • App owners and developers

  • Business owners
What extra services do you provide?
  • AdShaker - Bulk ad creation tool. Upload a couple of banners, headlines and texts - and mix them for instant results! Create lots of ads with one click to find the best creatives that work for you.

  • Segmentation - Divide your audience by age and gender. An easy way to save money and find best performing audience for your business.

  • Actionable insights - See all data about your ads in one place. Track conversions and CPAs in our unified interface.

  • Aggregated statistics - See and compare performance across all chanels, campaigns and ads in one place.

  • Rules - create your own rules (if .., then …) to gain 24/7 automatic control of your ads.

  • One-stop payment - pay once to a single account and distribute the funds between all advertising channels as you see fit.
Do you provide training?
Yes, we do. To schedule a training session with our success manager, just send a note to
Can i get a live demo of your service?
Yes, you can. To schedule a live demo with our sales manager, just send a note to
Releadgion includes a commission of 10% into click price.

You can get a 14 days trial without commission.

We work on a pay as you go model, so no commitment and minimum spend.
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